Ready to dive into a story that’s got more twists than a roller coaster? Meet Alison Goulden, the superwoman wearing three capes—mother, teacher, and business owner—all while spinning plates, juggling time, and getting her kids to do their homework!

In this episode of ‘Work It Like A Mum’, we’re delving into Alison’s world, where classrooms meet living rooms and business plans. From chalkboards to board meetings, Alison’s journey from a dedicated in-school teacher to the entrepreneurial brains behind Golden Brain Academy is nothing short of a syllabus for success.

Alison gets real about the part-time job puzzle, the tug-of-war between teacher duties and being ‘mum’, and the heart-tugging moments of expat life in the sun-soaked streets of Dubai.

Strap in as we explore the trenches of teaching, the ebb and flow of motherhood, and the thrill of business ownership. We’re talking remote learning roller coasters, technology in the classroom, and why every teacher deserves a gold star.

Plus, Alison’s giving us the scoop on why creative writing isn’t just a school subject—it’s a life skill. And for the parents out there, she’s got GCSE gold dust that could turn homework time from a battleground to a brainstorm session.

So, if you’re ready for an episode that’s equal parts heart, hustle, and homework, tune in and let’s get learning! This is one class you won’t want to skip!

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