Parent Information

Online environment  

Lessons should be conducted in a quiet atmosphere conducive to learning so we ask parents to ensure there is as little background noise as possible. Teachers will also use the mute facility, particularly in a group setting to ensure that instructions are able to be heard clearly and all students have a chance to contribute to the lesson. 

Video use during the lesson is encouraged to ensure full participation but we quite understand that some students feel less comfortable than others. Please note, we will ask the student to ensure that the video camera is on whilst the teacher confirms their attendance.  

For students under the age of 16 we ask that an adult is present in the house as part of our commitment to safeguarding. The teacher will use the waiting room environment to ensure only recognised participants will be admitted.  

For further information please see our safeguarding policy. 



Payment must be made in full, prior to the commencement of each half term. A half term will usually consist of 6 or 7 weeks and whilst we try our best, it may not mirror the student’s own half term given differences in term dates around  the UK and internationally.  Current academic term dates are as follows: 

Term Dates – Golden Brain Academy 

Fees can be paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card using the Tutor Cruncher system.  

For new students, clients may take a single paid trial lesson to begin with. If wanting to continue tuition, payment must be paid for rest of half term block’s lessons before any more lessons can be taken.   

Missed lessons  

One to one lessons are charged unless written notice is given at least 24 hours  before the day and time of the lesson. If due notice is given, the lesson may be rescheduled or carried over to next half term. Please send an email to your teacher with in copy.  Group lessons are non refundable.

If the student is unwell please inform the teacher as soon as possible as we can consider these instances on a case by case basis.  

GB Education role  

GB Education ( collects fees from the client on behalf of the tutor which includes its administration commission and VAT.   

By paying for tuition you acknowledge that GB Education is acting as an agent for the tutor and client, providing introductions, administration, consultative advice and more.   


Data protection act  

GB Education  complies with all requirements imposed by UK data protection laws and the GDPR. Please contact us if you wish to see our relevant data protection policies and procedures. 


  • As agent contacting on behalf of the tutor, GB Education will not be liable to the client or any 3rd party for any unlawful act, omission or error (whether wilful, negligent or otherwise) on the part of the tutor 
  • Once lessons have commenced no refunds will be given. However if the tutor is unable to complete the lessons, GB Education will seek to find another tutor. If a suitable tutor is unavailable, GB Education will at its discretion refund any untaken lessons  
  • If the client wishes to discontinue lessons, one week’s notice must be given before the end of the preceding half term  
  • If the client wishes to change the date and/or time of the lessons within the half term, the tutor will attempt to find a convenient time. If they are unable to do so, no refund will be given  
  • The client agrees that the tutor has been introduced by GB Education and, as such, all lessons with the tutor will be arranged and paid for via GB Education