Whether it’s a small group or one to one class, our teachers love doing what they do best – building confidence, planning engaging lessons and improving academic attainment

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Golden Brain Academy

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to achieve what they are capable of, and this philosophy drives everything we do.  As parents ourselves, we understand how challenging it is for children to reach their full potential in large classes at school, where the environment is not always conducive to learning.  With lessons from just £10, we are on a mission to ensure every child has access to outstanding, yet affordable tutoring. At GBA, we cover all year groups (from Years 1 to 13) and subjects are mapped to the British National Curriculum.

What makes us different is that we are all outstanding fully qualified teachers, who know the curriculum expectations and how to ensure children reach them.  Every student is treated as an individual and their exact needs met.  Motivating even the most reluctant learner, we make learning fun, with engaging and interactive lessons. In addition, we focus on fostering and building our students’ self–esteem and confidence, both of which are critical components to academic achievement.

Our online teaching means that location is no longer a barrier to finding an outstanding teacher for your child, with the added bonus that travelling is not necessary as students learn in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.  Unlike school, where we wave our children off at the gate, parents can actually see what their child is learning and, more importantly, HOW it is being taught – offering a wonderful insight into their child’s education journey.

Many families were put off learning online during lockdown after bad experiences, but we promise that, when done properly, this method of teaching is every bit as effective as face to face – if not better.  This is why we offer trial lessons before asking people to commit (which they always do!)

Whether you are looking for GSCE or A’ Level support, entrance exam preparation, SATS practice or just an opportunity to give your child a confidence boost, we can help.  With group, one-to-one or two-to-one lessons available for primary and secondary students, there is something for everyone – in term time and during the holidays.

Contact us at info@goldenbrainacademy.com or give us a call to discuss how we can help your child on 07383421771




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What Our Parents Say…

“You are amazing at what you do. You really have made a huge difference to Christos and finding you by chance was like hitting the jackpot!! Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and high standard of teaching with my son. Both his father and I can see already how much he has improved.”

Pana Neocleous, Year 4 mum