Reasoning skills are a form of critical thinking, designed to assess a child’s ability with words,numbers, shapes and space. While these skills can be developed and practised, they are non-curriculum based skills, so are rarely taught in school.
What is verbal reasoning?
These questions are about solving problems and following sequences to do with words and text.
Verbal reasoning tests your child’s English grammar and vocabulary.
What is non-verbal reasoning?
During the non-verbal reasoning paper, your child will need to solve problems to do with diagrams and pictures. There’s also an element of maths but language is not a component.
The aim of this course is to provide a general overview of these skills, including practical examples of the common types of questions, hints and explanations to help children understand the solutions.
Reasoning skills are not facts that can be learned in the same way as other subjects, it is mostly a case of switching the brain on to this way of thinking and practice makes perfect!
We recommend the following books:
These online quizzes are really useful too!
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