Stanley’s Ultimate Guide to Story Writing

Helping children to understand the expectation when it comes to writing stories. Including handy tips and tricks and what a good one looks like.

Having taught English to children across the world for twenty-five years, and with a particular passion for creative writing, Ali knows how to produce confident and able writers.

She uses the National Curriculum objectives and injects some life into them, igniting a love for writing in even the most reluctant of students.

Stanley’s Guides have been carefully designed to take students on a learning journey through each genre.  Using checklists and knowledge organisers, children are given clear expectations in a memorable and personable way.

With a little help from Stanley, Ali writes a piece at the end of each booklet, with annotations to show how the guide can be used effectively.

The guides are aimed at children aged between nine and thirteen, are suitable for all students and are an especially useful resource for children sitting 11-plus entrance tests.


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