GBA Practice Papers

Exam papers written by expert teachers, who know exactly what it takes to achieve the highest scores.

Our fabulous teaching team have put together practice papers for students as this is the very best way of preparing for exams.

The process is very simple.  Just choose the paper that is suitable for your child: SATS, 11-Plus, GCSE or A Level and, once purchased, you will be sent an email with the download link. The paper can then be printed off and completed.

Not only are the answers provided, but there is also a video to watch afterwards, where the teacher will complete the paper themselves, demonstrating the correct content and exam technique required to score full marks!

11-Plus Grammar School Papers

These papers are suitable for children who will be sitting 11+ grammar school entrance exams.





£50 for 3 papers and marking

What do our parents say?

“I am so excited to share some very good news with you. Cai got an offer from both City and St Albans I truly thank you for your guidance and support. With so much learning in your lessons, he has come so far to get this wonderful result.”

Sunyoung, mum to Cai

“Just a quick one. Bella did really well in the second stage SET, came high amongst those who got through and can list schools. As you can imagine, we are delighted for her. Thank you so much. It’s all down to you.”

Claire, mum to Bella

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