Year 5 – Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Year 5 gives children the opportunity to consolidate and reflect on the knowledge learned so far on their education journey and also the chance to look ahead at the transition to secondary school. Children become more mature and independent during this school year and tend to take on more responsibility for their own learning. It is a good time for parents to encourage organisational skills such as packing their own school bag and remembering which days they have PE. Much of what we cover in Year 5 is in preparation for what is to come in Year 6.


  • Spoken language – listen and respond, justify and articulate, discuss, present and evaluate
  • Word reading – build vocabulary and understanding of unfamiliar words
  • Comprehension – reading a wide range of books across different genres, drawing inferences, asking questions, summarising, predicting and analysing language and discussing author techniques
  • Transcription – silent letters, homophones, using dictionaries and thesauruses
  • Handwriting – writing legibly, fluently and with increasing speed
  • Composition – planning, drafting and evaluating, using different genres, tense consistency, wide ranging punctuation and growing vocabulary
  • Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation – expanded noun phrases, active and passive verbs, relative clauses and parenthesis


  • Number and place value – read, write and compare numbers to one million, interpret negative numbers and round numbers to the nearest hundred thousand
  • Addition and subtraction – add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4-digits and solve multi-step problems
  • Multiplication and division – factors, multiples, prime and square numbers, multiply and divide using two-digit numbers (long division and multiplication)
  • Fractions – equivalent, improper and mixed number fractions, multiply fractions by whole numbers, read, write and order numbers up to three decimal places and solve problems that involve fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents
  • Measurement – converting between different metric measurements, area, perimeter and volume
  • Measurement – converting and problem solving with different measure of length, weight and mass
  • Measurement – converting between different metric measurements, area, perimeter and volume
  • Statistics – solve sum and difference problems using line graphs, complete and interpret tables such as timetables

Did you know that…

Children begin to show the personality traits that will stay with them forever in Year 5. Parents will notice huge changes in their child in terms of maturity, knowledge and independence. Critical thinking skills develop considerably, and maths reasoning should become more straightforward as a result.

Group Classes

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What Our Parents Say…

“I had Mollie’s parents evening tonight. Her teacher said she is doing really well and her confidence has improved dramatically. She puts her hand up now, much more than she used to and is mostly right in her answers. She loves to explain different ways of remembering how to do things and she is definitely in the top few of her class. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement and the other teachers too. She loves her classes and is excelling at great speed.”
Paula Parmenter, mum to Mollie, Year 5
“Ali is such an inspiring teacher. My son loves his lessons with her and he has come in leaps and bounds both in confidence and ability with her.”
Charlotte Ingram, mum to Edward, Year 5
“Jade ABSOLUTELY adored your class. You managed to get her focused as the focus is not her strength. We wish she had you as her class teacher. She really listened to you today UNBELIEVABLE.”
Jamila le Duc, mum to Jade, Year 5

Frequently Asked Questions

The key benefit of our academy is that we are all qualified teachers who are not restricted in what we can teach by school policies. Many children are not encouraged or supported in reaching their true potential and can become frustrated and bored. Many of our students join the year group above which allows them access to new and more challenging objectives and a new-found enthusiasm for learning. We also offer 11+ classes for children wishing to take grammar and/ or independent school entrance exams.
We believe that a strong three-way relationship between teacher, parent, and student is essential. Our teachers are always happy to report back to parents at any time via email or telephone. We often use ‘Quizziz’ in our lessons, which is an engaging learning platform, giving teachers individual feedback on children’s attainment and progress, which can then be reported to parents.

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