It is not uncommon to hear groans when telling students that they will be working on longer mark comprehension questions.  Unfortunately, there is no avoiding them as they are key features of both the Year 6 reading SATs paper and in Independent and Grammar school entrance exams.
The assessment of reading skills is split into six key areas (often referred to as VIPERS):
The majority of students are quite confident with the basic one mark retrieval and vocabulary questions but finding inference and explanation a great deal more challenging.
When marking SATs and exam papers, it is so frustrating to see so many marks dropped on these longer 3-5 mark questions, just because the student has never been taught some simple structure techniques and key phrases.
In this video, I will be explaining how to “PEE on the Page” (not as bad as it sounds but is a good way of getting them to remember!) as a way of structuring their answer.  It is all about:
Once children become familiar with this technique, it becomes second nature and they will score top marks in all comprehensions forever more!
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