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At GBA we know that great primary education is a cornerstone for future academic success. Our teachers are fully trained practitioners with demonstrable classroom experience in helping children master core skills such as literacy and numeracy. Years of teaching tell us that children learn best when they are confident and happy in their education – a key component of the Golden Brain primary experience.

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“Everyone should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

Have you ever considered that we are preparing our children for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet?

Did you know that coding accounts for half of the National Curriculum computing programme of study?

Our coding classes give children, from Year 3 upwards, the opportunity to learn this essential skill, which is often neglected in school due to the pressures of the other core subjects. There are quite a few programs to support the teaching and learning of coding including: Scratch Jnr, Kodu, Code Studio, Scratch and Construct 2.

Try this website to get your child started:

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Creative Writing

“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.” – Ken MacLeod

Unfortunately, many children are put off writing because they have never really been taught how to do it. In truth, anyone can write if they are given the devices necessary. Our creative writing classes are designed to inspire and engage our students and help them to develop a love of words and using their imagination. Using a number of effective techniques, including ‘slow writing’, ‘Alan Peat sentences’ and ‘DADWAVERS’ we will take your child on an unforgettable writing journey through many different genres. These lessons will have an immediate and positive impact in school and can motivate even the most reluctant writer.  Please take a look under our news section for more detailed information.

Creative Writing – Golden Brain Academy

Mondays and Thursdays 6pm Year 5 and 6

Saturdays 11.30am and Thursdays 4pm Year 3 and 4

Saturdays 12.30pm Year 5, 6 and 7

Plus 121 opportunities too.

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Eleven plus

Don’t allow applying and sitting for grammar school or independent to be a stressful experience. We can prepare and provide support for you all, making the whole process straightforward and stress-free.

We have specialist teachers who are experienced in preparing children for grammar and independent school entrance tests. We provide twice-weekly term time lessons for children, from Year 4 upwards, and also intense holiday classes too. These classes cover comprehension, creative writing, maths as well as exam techniques. Alternatively, you can opt for individual lessons instead. We have options to suit every family schedule.

So, if you have made the decision to go selective for secondary school, our experienced teachers will help your child make the dream a reality from just £8 per class or £33 for 1-2-1.

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At Golden Brain Academy we are passionate about learning foreign languages. From greater earnings to improved exam results, the social and scientific benefits of learning a language are undeniable. Our foreign language teachers, many of whom are native speakers, are all highly experienced, fully qualified classroom practitioners, who are passionate about teaching their language. Online is a great way of learning either in a group or 1-2-1 setting and we have options from total beginner all the way to A-Level. Whether it be French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Arabic or Japanese -we would love to hear from you.

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