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We are passionate about teaching children to embrace their creativity and imagination and have many different creative writing classes running throughout the academic year. There is a writer in all of us and we can unlock your child's potential.

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Secondary Teachers Talk

Now school is out, we took the opportunity to ask a few of our secondary teachers, in the key subjects of maths, science and modern languages a few questions. All three still work in school, so who better to help in these unusual times!

The GBA Top Tips for Summer

Please click below to see some of the GBA top tips for entertaining your children in July and August 2021 - whatever the weather!

To Write or Not to Write?

Many children (and adults) fail to see the purpose of writing unless there is a reason for it. So how can we encourage even the most reluctant of writers?


Rather than battle with our children over technology we look at how it can improve the standards of education and the way children learn.

Studying in the Summer

With many children not having been to school since the middle of March we ask whether children should study during the summer holidays this year?

Are You Sure They Are Related?

One conundrum so many of us parents are facing is the difference in progression between siblings. Why is it that one will do their homework and the other won't?

Zero as a Placeholder

“Mum, did you know that MATHS stands for Mental Abuse To Humans?” How can we help our children with their maths homework when the learning techniques are different from what we learned?

Window to the World

The benefits of learning a language are undeniable. So how can we encourage our children to start learning a new language? It doesn't just have to start in school.

Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” A common phrase but unfortunately words do hurt and bullying has only gotten worse within society.

Be Kind to Your Mind

With an alarmingly high number of young children suffering from mental health problems, it is never too early to teach our children the art of mindfulness.

Better Together

Never has there been a time when parents have been more concerned about their child’s education. Private tutoring is no longer perceived as 'elitist' but rather something that can come in many different forms.

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