In my experience, many children find creative writing rather overwhelming.  It is certainly an area of the curriculum that many parents ask for help with.  Unlike maths, where there is a right or wrong answer, it is more challenging for parents to know what the expectation is and how to assist their child, whilst being consistent with how they learn at school.
This video is aimed at children aged 7-10 years old and guides them through how to write a successful explanation text using the key features of the genre.  Children become more enthused by writing when they understand what to do and are given clear guidance on the steps required.
A meaningful and relevant task is vital to engage the student – they need a reason or a purpose to be writing and a lesson hook works every time.  My students have been enjoying watching our caterpillars turn into their chrysalides and it has offered the perfect “hook” to getting them to write a brilliant explanation text on the lifecycle of a butterfly.
All you need to do is pop your child in front of the video, with pens and paper and I will do the rest.  Once they have completed their text, please take a photo and send it to me at  All entries will be displayed on our website and two children will be chosen at random to win five caterpillars of their own!